Best Selling White Paint Colours

White is transcendent and timeless, with unrivalled versatility.

Best-Selling Neutral Paint Colours

Neutral exudes calm and creates an effortless backdrop for other colours.

Best-Selling Grey Paint Colours

Grey is a design favourite for its mix of style and sensibility.

Best-Selling Black Paint Colours

Black offers sophistication—making a statement wherever it’s used.

Best-Selling Red Paint Colours

Red comes with stunning variety, from soft rose to deep garnet.

Best-Selling Orange Paint Colours

Orange is inviting, ranging from refreshing citrus to rich amber.

Best-Selling Yellow Paint Colours

Yellow lifts spirits while providing warmth and comfort.

Best-Selling Green Paint Colours

Green adds a natural touch and sophisticated charm.

Best-Selling Blue Paint Colours

Blue says tranquility, reminiscent of the sea and sky.

Best-Selling Purple Paint Colours

Purples range from striking, dramatic aubergines to hazy violets.